Copies of the Daily Sundial vandalized across campus

William Herbe

Hundreds of copies of the Daily Sundial were thrown into trash cans in front of Sierra Hall and Freudian Sip on Thursday. Sarah Smith/Staff Photographer

An estimated 1,000 copies of the Daily Sundial were vandalized across campus earlier today, sparking a search for the vandals and any witnesses that may have information.

The newspapers were removed, in some cases completely, from at least ten stands and thrown into adjacent trashcans.

The Sundial was made aware of the situation at about 12:15 p.m. when Photo Editor Hannah Pedraza called in and reported that a student informed her that they saw a woman throwing away a stack of papers from the newspaper stand on Jacaranda Walk outside of the Freudian Sip.

“I was walking out of Arbor Grill and began walking towards the library. I was walking by Freudian Sip and saw a girl open the box, grab a stack of papers and throw them in the trashcan next to the box,” senior business major Mihram Geheyan said.

“I noticed she was on the phone and clearly heard her say, ‘I just got 75 of them and threw them away’ After she walked away I thought to myself ‘did she actually do what I think she did.’ And then I looked in the trash and saw a stack of newspapers in the trash,” Geyehan added.

Other anonymous sources reported similar incidents across campus, but there are currently no suspects.

The campus police have been notified and a report has been filed.

If you have any information please contact the Sundial at