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Know your rights and ours


March 1, 2010

Verbally trashing someone or something is a right and freedom that is practiced daily. As a student publication we get verbally trashed quite often. We can deal with that. But trashing our newspaper and depriving campus from picking it up, that, we cannot take. And if you are caught, get ready to pay...

Copies of the Daily Sundial vandalized across campus

William Herbe

February 25, 2010

An estimated 1,000 copies of the Daily Sundial were vandalized across campus earlier today, sparking a search for the vandals and any witnesses that may have information. The newspapers were removed, in some cases completely, from at least ten stands and thrown into adjacent trashcans. The Sundial was made aware of the situation at about 12:15 p.m. when Photo Editor Hannah Pedra...

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