Know your rights and ours


Verbally trashing someone or something is a right and freedom that is practiced daily. As a student publication we get verbally trashed quite often. We can deal with that. But trashing our newspaper and depriving campus from picking it up, that, we cannot take. And if you are caught, get ready to pay the consequences.

Last Thursday more than 2,000 copies of the Daily Sundial were vandalized across campus. Someone or some group went from newspaper stand to stand, removed the papers and ditched them in the trash.
This was especially frustrating and upsetting because it happened to be a special issue “Generation Hope” that highlighted our social engagement with humanitarian issues and how they give back to society.

It appears the participants behind this scornful act were upset over an opinion piece in the issue by Kimberly Krieger, “The Greek society’s philanthropy apathy.”

It’s time to grow up and understand that disagreements exist and that  dumping the student paper is against the law.

Option A: Come into the Sundial and talk with an editor. We are located in Manzanita Hall, Room 140.

Option B: Write a letter to the editor following the guidelines printed in the opinion section. Send to

Option C: Comment on the web. You must adhere to the comment policy.

Alright, I’m sure many students on campus think throwing papers in the trash is OK.

In 2006, California enacted a law to specifically address the growing problem of newspaper theft and/or vandalism.  California Penal Code Section 490.7 prohibits a person from taking more than 25 copies of the current issue of a free or complimentary newspaper if done with the intent to: recycle for cash or other payment; sell or barter the newspaper; deprive others of the ability to read or enjoy the newspaper; or harm a business competitor.

You are free to share your views, in fact, it is your right to do so. Those who are furious with the content exercise your rights and your freedoms. Don’t trash it and throw it away, because the right to read and the freedom of press goes right in the trash with it.