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Springing into fashion

Photo Illustration by Bodhi Severns / Staff Photographer

The time has come for our winter wardrobe to melt away, and it’s time we say hello to spring and all the fashion freedoms it has in store for us.

With the changing seasons, it’s easy to commit those fashion crimes by mixing pieces from each season that tend to contradict each other. Example, mixing miniskirts and Uggs is not the way to go.

Luckily, with these top fashion tips for guys and girls, leaving the house each day will feel like a stroll down the catwalk.

For Women:

An older trend that it making its way back to fashion headlines is the playsuit and jumpsuit look. It’s safe to say that one-piece anythings will be hot items this spring, including overalls.

Already fashion powerhouses, such as Ralph Lauren, Roberto Cavalli, and Karl Lagerfeld, have displayed this look for their spring 2010 collections. Word of warning, it is expected that the classic denim overalls will not be apart of this year’s trend.

Be prepared to get rid of those shorter-than-short, daring mini-dresses this season. Longer skirts and dresses are part of the new wave of seductive fashion that have recently been spotted on red carpets and fashion magazine editorials.

These long skirts and dresses have found a way to exude sexiness by adding a thigh-high split. These splits can be found on the side, center, or on dual sides. Versace and Pucci are the major players that have introduced this new phenomenon.

Boyfriend blazers seem to be the continuing staple piece in every wardrobe no matter what season it is. This is one trend that has not died and has continued to gain popularity.

Although influenced by, but not as popular as boyfriend jeans and the boyfriend shirt, the boyfriend blazer has found itself being regarded with new sophistication. As long as the blazer is oversized and the sleeves are rolled up, it will be in style for this season. Major designers such as Charlotte Ronson and Elie Tahari are seen featuring these blazers in their spring collections.

For Men:

The old-school Ivy League, preppy look is making its way back for men in the spring for 2010. As for shirts, be prepared to see a lot more polos, denims, and button-downs with a more form-fitting look. Cuffed pants and shorts are also becoming the new fad, as well as, this look’s unique accessories. For example, espadrilles, boat shoes, and aviator sunglasses will be the must-have items in order to pull off this new trend.

It might not be ground-breaking news, but guys are fortunate enough to get away with wearing similar pieces for each season. Examples include basic denim jeans, graphic tees, and simple button-down shirts. However, retro-inspired pieces are becoming trendier this season, and a variety of different clothing stores will be caring this new craze. Look for bright colors to enhance the spring season, and stay away from dark colors that are typically associated with winter.

Accessories are becoming the key to all ensembles for men. Pieces ranging from watches, hats, belts, and even scarves are the items that will be able to change a guy’s look and style from season to season. Bigger than the average size, larger-faced watches are becoming the focal point to many outfits for men. In addition, European influenced scarves and hats are being found both on and off the runway this spring.

Keep in mind that clothing says a lot about who we are as individuals, and we should not be expected to conform and follow these certain trends if not comfortable to do so. Feeling confident in our ensemble choices is above all, always the ultimate goal for any season.

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