Student creates eco-friendly fashion

Kristin Hirai

Philosophy major, Ben Adelmann is the owner of his own company, Green Aesthetics, an eco-friendly clothing line made of sustainable materials. Photo courtesy of Ben Adelmann

With the start of his eco-friendly apparel company, Green Aesthetics, Ben Adelmann has taken advantage of thinking outside of the box.

“Green Aesthetics sells eco-positive, fair trade clothing,” said Adelmann, 24. “This means clothing made from sustainable materials like bamboo, tencel, soy, organic cotton and recycled polyester.”

Having started the company over a year ago, Adelmann, a philosophy major, believes that Green Aesthetics has not only added to the “green” market, but has also become a personal learning experience.

“I decided to start my own company because I felt inspiration to provide cheaper, better eco clothing to a market that is growing in this area,” Adelmann said. “I also wanted to try my hand at my own business, and for some reason I have felt a type of hope that it can work if I keep persevering.”

In addition, Adelmann explains how Green Aesthetics is able to help the environment, and the reasons behind what makes them unique.

“All clothing is made from manufacturers who support their workers with social welfare and fair wages, as well as international standards of streamlined factory processes for low carbon footprint (and) harmful chemicals,” Adelmann said. “Everything we sell promotes earth friendliness and fairness for the workers making the clothing.”

Adelmann is currently selling bamboo underwear for men and women, men’s tencel and milk protein tees and a line of about 39 organic bamboo dress styles.

He believes that Green Aesthetics’ bamboo dresses are currently the largest line of dresses out there in the realm of eco-friendly clothing. He also promises that “more clothing is always on the way too.”

As for cost, Adelmann believes in keeping his prices modest.

“I keep prices lower than most other eco clothing lines too,” Adelmann said. “I think in order to have clothing like this become mainstream, we need to stop making it so expensive. It doesn’t cost more to make clothing from bamboo than from polyester, so the price shouldn’t be extreme.”

Not only has Adelmann been able to gain valuable knowledge for his future through Green Aesthetics, but has also been able to change the lives of others as well.

Amanda Ochoa, 24, secretary for Green Aesthetics, has also benefited from working for the company and has been able to learn a great deal from her experience.

“Since joining the company, I have not only learned how possible it is for a person with ideas and focus to create a business, but also about fashion and how much more comfortable and healthy clothing can be,” Ochoa said. “I really enjoy green living and wanted to contribute to this way of life as well.”

Recent CSUN graduate and loyal customer, Nick Wise, couldn’t be more satisfied with his products purchased from Green Aesthetics.

“I own a couple pairs of their men’s underwear and I can honestly say that they are two of my favorite pieces of clothing,” Wise said. “I heard about them from a good friend of mine and definitely appreciate that a company out there has recognized the complete lack of comfortable performance undergarments on the market.

“For a company that’s only a couple years old, they’re really making a big impression,” he said

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