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Eco-beauty: Keeping it clean and green

If the thought of using fragrance-free-all-natural-rubber-tree-extract shampoo or going days without showering isn’t your idea of an effective beauty treatment then maybe the eco-friendly movement just isn’t for you. Wrong. The hippie days of sacrificing beauty to save the earth is a thing of the past and these days we can all do our part and still look good.

From water conservation techniques to purchasing all-natural products and everything in between, the modern day person doesn’t have a reason to go green when it comes to beauty. All you need to do is figure out ways to minimalize waste and conserve products already in use.  Here a just a few ideas to help you get started on the right track to decreasing your eco-footprint through the beauty department.

Water conservation is possibly the easiest way to help the environment as well as mankind. Though many times it slips our minds, water really is limited, but to ensure that there will be enough left over for future generations all you need to do is remember one thing: turn the faucet off anytime possible.

When washing your face or brushing your teeth there are extended periods of time when water is running freely.  One little flick of the wrist and the water can be turned off until it is needed again.  It really isn’t that difficult.

And speaking of water, people enjoy long, hot, leisurely showers, but spending a half hour everyday in the shower is just unacceptable. Taking cold showers actually has a couple benefits; the cooler temperature helps to keep hair shiny and doesn’t dry skin out. So the next time you head into the shower, opt for a cold one, the temperature will also make you want to take shorter showers, saving water.  It’s a win-win situation.

Cutting back on how frequently you wash your hair is the most obvious and possibly most effective way to conserve water. And as gross as this may sound, the reality is that overwashing hair becomes harmful washing away essential oils and nutrients. Many hair-product manufacturers have also begun to release a line of “in-between washes” products, most of which can be found in superstores like Walmart and Target.

But the eco-friendly beauty behavior shouldn’t start and stop in the shower. Imagine how much electricity and energy is consumed when someone flips the switch on their blowdryer or flat iron. With the air-dried, beach look gaining popularity for this year’s warmer days men and women can forego using energy-guzzling appliances.

When styling hair be sure to stay away from products in aerosol cans as often as possible.  Although the harm of these products has been minimized, many people have the tendency to spray their hair with continuous streams of hairspray releasing harmful chemicals into the air. If your favorite hairspray happens to come in an aerosol can, try spraying the hairspray into the palm of your hand, rub them together, and scrunch into your hair.

If a girl counted up all the used cotton balls she throws into the trashcan everyday, in a month she’d probably have enough to fill a small swimming pool. OK, so that’s an overstatement, but really, cotton products, even organic ones, really do add up to a lot of waste.  Instead, use a soft cloth to apply toner or to help in the removal of make up. Maintaining make-up brushes and other beauty tools is key to minimalizing waste. This can easily be done by washing brushes and tools with a mild facial soap.

Being eco-conscious doesn’t mean you need to give up looking, but taking advantage of little ways to conserve resources or reduce waste can help to make you feel good at the same time. So don’t think that going green is just for hippies, anyone can make a difference, and look good doing so.

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