Four iPhone games you must buy

Jacob Nahin

If you have an iPhone or an iPod Touch, you’ve no doubt downloaded the “lite” or free versions of several different games available in Apple’s app store. But what about spending a few bucks for a couple full-version apps? Here are five that are guaranteed to give you your money’s worth:

Plants vs. Zombies

1. Plants vs. Zombies ($2.99): players must set up a series of plants to protect their house from the undead as the walk, run, and pole-vault across the lawn. The game is a lot of fun and the graphics, for an iPhone game, are top-notch.

Angry Birds

2. Angry Birds ($0.99): a comical  cartoon-y game where players must sling-shot different species of birds at the notorious enemies, the pigs. The game is simplistic but addictive. The pigs are usually behind several barriers and players need to make use of the game’s physics to gain points.

3. Peggle ($2.99): shoot the ball and hit all of the orange pegs. Add super powers such as crab-flippers (think the flappers at the sides of a pin ball machine) and special modes like “challenge” and “duel,” a two player mode that lets friends play against each other and this game will last you a long while.

4. Geodefense Swarm ($1.99): strategically place a series of towers to keep glowing energy balls from exiting the screen. To destroy the glowing balls, you are given a set amount of cash for each level to spend towers equipped with upgradeable weapons like lasers and missiles. The game is part of the OpenFeint network, an online gaming community like Xbox Live that grants achievements and promotes competition.