Banning plastic bags to preserve the environment

Julio Alberto Cruz


The California State Assembly passed the ban on single-use plastic bags (AB 1998) on June 2.

Hilex Poly, LLC, a manufacturer of plastic bags, has suggested that cutting plastic bags will cut jobs. Their defense, like others oppose to the ban, is that the ban is not doing much to conserve the environment.

Plastic bags swirl around in the ocean for 500 years and harm wildlife.

The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) has reported that there have been sea animals, including birds, chocking and dying from plastic bags, confusing them for food.

Environment California, a citizen-based environmental advocacy organization, is urging celebrities, business owners and citizens to support the bill.

People can visit their website to donate, pledge or simply share it with their friends.

San Francisco has already banned the use of plastic bags in supermarkets and other cities, like Los Angeles, are working on it.

As citizens of our environment, we should urge our own markets to stop using plastic bags. Purchasing a reusable bag can make a difference. Some grocery stores, like Trader Joe’s, enter you in a weekly drawing of a $10 store gift card if you bring your own bag (BYOB).

Since it is still inevitable to avoid plastic bags as of now, there are a few things that can be done in the mean time. Try to reuse plastic bags as much as possible and recycle them when they tear. Investing in a good cloth bag is another option.