Mommy, make me feel better!

Dedee Verdin


He woke up in the middle of night, sweaty and hot to the touch. The instincts kicked in and in no time, his temperature had been taken, the Motrin had been administered and my baby was back to his dreams.

My baby being sick is not fun especially when he can only tell me he is miserable by crying. I can hear what he is saying loud and clear, “Mommy, make me feel better!”

When a child is sick, we want nothing more as parents to be able to magically take the illness away but instead of using a magic wand, we have to use our parenting super powers. No matter how much internet research or doctors advice, nothing seems to comfort babies more than their parents love.

Catering to the needs of a sick baby puts a back seat to all else that may be going on in life, work, school, friends, nothing else matters. It is not like we are able to tell the baby, “Sorry kid, I got class tomorrow, I have to go to sleep.”

As the fever subsides and my little one runs circles around me once again, the feeling of relief comes over me. We have conquered yet another cold.

Then I start feeling warm. Sniff Sniff…Oh no, now it is my turn!