Eco-living at Echo 1030

Julio Alberto Cruz

For the last couple of years, living environmentally-friendly has taken off drastically and though some people have been living an eco-conspicuous type of lifestyle for many years, others have recently adapted.

Photo Credit: Julio Cruz

Now, there is something that can wrap up the eco-conscious ways of living by actually living at an eco-friendly place. This can be found in the heart of Echo Park near downtown Los Angeles at Echo 1030 Lofts.

The building itself is “built to LEED Platinum standards, the highest of sustainable development principles and ‘green’ living practices.”

LEED should sound familiar since CSUN’s own Valley Performing Arts Center (VPAC) has applied to silver accreditation.

The Echo 1030 Lofts are one of a kind, not only in the local area but basically all around L.A.

Its actual ‘green’ living is due to roof top solar panels, floor-to-ceiling glazed and solar reflective windows that help reduce energy usage and heat as well as maximizing indoor air quality, plus balterio renewable hardwood Italian flooring, and not to mention stainless steel appliances from top brands like Maytag and Whirlpool, which are both ENERGY STAR partners.

Due to demand of living in environmentally-friendly places, this particular building was done, and in the next couple of years similar living places are expected in being built.

Rent does tend to be higher than usual apartments or even lofts, but that is the same with every ‘green’ product. The work that is done to use recyclable resources, finding a way to use less energy and enjoy the natural sunlight and breeze of trees all around, ensures not only the importance on preserving our environment but  enjoying it, as well.

This is such a great production backed by the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) that shows the importance of literately living ‘green’ thus also explaining the potential of tax benefits for residents.