Back to School Jitters

Michelle Verne

Student-parents at CSUN,

Getting back to school after summer break is difficult for a traditional college student.  Now imagine adding a child or two to this equation.  It becomes double the trouble, stress and time to prepare for everyone’s exciting day.  Not only are we required to purchase books and get all our classes set and prepared, we must do the same for our kids.

The required school supplies list provided to us by most school teachers is astounding.  It seems as if every year this list gets longer.  Purchase these items early.  Shopping at the last minute can get nerve-racking and you will more than likely find yourself looking for an item that has sold out.  It’s also a waste of time having to look for different supplies in separate places.  Save time and stress.  Go early!

In order to maintain a calm environment the morning of your child’s first day back at school, it’s best to get everything ready the night before.  Make sure the school lists are checked, the clothes are pressed and the lunches are packed.  Early preparation will provide less stress as we try to adhere to our own altering and hectic schedules.

What can be considered comforting is the fact that the nervous and anxious feelings felt on that first day of school is something we can share with our children.  Every time I walk into a new classroom I am reminded of how I felt walking into a new class in grade school.  Communicating this information with my child has allowed us to relate on a level that’s unique and encouraging.

Don’t let the stress of hectic schedules and homework get you down.  Share in the school experience with your child.  The benefits might come as a surprise.