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Greek restaurant is a winner among taste buds

Photo credit: Natalia Bereznyuk

Firehouse Grill greets its visitors with the smell of charcoal grilled meat, soft Greek music, and a friendly atmosphere.

Upon arrival, I found a nice, small two-story building with blue windows and a restaurant on the first floor. It was nice to find the restaurant had its own parking.

When I walked into the Firehouse Grill during a hot afternoon, I was expecting to feel instantly relieved by a burst of cool air. Unfortunately, the air conditioning was quite poor. Perhaps that was the reason as to why there were very few people dining there.

The restaurant offers great choices for meat lovers. I don’t eat beef or lamb, so I decided to order a grilled chicken breast marinated with olive oil, garlic and lemon. The entire meal plus two side dishes was $11.

I decided to split the side dishes with my guest. I chose a small Greek salad, and my guest chose the french fries.

While the food was still in its preparation stages, we had a chance to look around and examine the interior of the restaurant in detail. It was obvious that the owners did everything to create the spirit of Greece inside.

Although I have never been to Greece, the ambiance made me feel like I was there. The restaurant was 600 square feet of coziness with colors of  blue and white dominanting the decor.

The white ceiling is lavishly decorated with vines complimenting several faded black and white photographs on the walls. The photos featured streets of Mediterranean towns and an old peasant woman holding huge grapes in both of her hands, smiling as if she was proud to see how big the fruit was. From where I sat, a huge aquarium with colorful fish, provided another symbolic reminder of the peninsula.

Even the plastic trays that were used to serve the food displayed  imitations of a tile mosaic that is very typical of Mediterranean culture. A small, marble female statuette holding vines also added detail to the look of the little Greek cafe.

When my small Greek salad finally arrived,  I was not expecting so see such a huge portion. Being a veggie lover, I appreciated its freshness and authentic taste.

The chicken breast dish was served shortly after the salad. It was laid on a bed of sliced tomatoes and onions in a secret island dressing. The chicken was presented together with french fries and traditional pita bread.

The chicken had a charcoal smell with an appealing broiled color. It was very well cooked and had its own taste with a hint of garlic and herbs. Although I don’t normally eat french fries, I noticed that these fries were exceptionaly delicious. They were fried to perfection and had a distinctive golden color. Therefore, I couldn’t resist trying at least one.

Firehouse Grill is a great place for students if you’re going to split the meal and the bill. The restaurant offers a variety of meat dishes and chicken kabobs as well as traditional gyros and of course delicious Mediterranean salads. In addition, you’ll find deep-fired calamari, Alaskan cod and dolmades, grape leaves stuffed with rice, mixed vegetables and ground beef.

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