LGBTA receives funding from A.S.

Adria Brodie


CSUN Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender Alliance club received $1960 from A.S. to educate and entertain students about the LGBT community.

LGBTA president Martel Okonji, 21, sociology major, addressed the Senate Tuesday and requested funds for multiple events including National Coming Out Day celebrated on October 11.

Okonji said National Coming Out Day created awareness about the LGBT community and celebrated people who had publicly announced their sexuality and supported people who had not come out.

“Typically students will come out to family and friends on that day,” Okonji said. “It gives students more release and room to talk.”

Okonji said LGBTA events were open to all CSUN students and free of charge and held in Plaza Del Sol across from the University Student Union (USU) Grande Salon.

Okonji added students could expect to see a huge wall where students would write their secrets about anything relevant to sexuality anonymously.

“We bring the wall as a way for students to express the truth about themselves and not hide behind a wall,” Okonji said.

Okonji added as a small club with a growing membership he wanted more involvement from A.S. and other clubs and organizations to show support for LGBTA.

“It’s important that we have support for our events because we provide students an opportunity to get involved when they feel they have nowhere else to go,” Okonji said.

A.S. Senator Nareen Manoukian said it was important for A.S. to provide resources for groups that were helpful to other students.

“In our current political climate, it is important to fund and recognize underrepresented groups,” Manoukian said.

A.S. funded additional request for LGBTA events like LGBTA Showcase, LGBTA Awareness Convention and Drag Show/Transgender Day of Remembrance.

Okonji said funding from A.S. was a start, but it would take additional funds for advertising and maintenance of the new website.