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Tips for decorating your dorm

Photo credit: Tyler Ross, Staff Photographer

It’s important when moving into your dorm to make it comfortable. You don’t want to hate your place of residence for the next year so it’s important to individualize it to your taste. With classes and trying to navigate your new college life, decorating your dorm could be the last thing on your mind. Here are some tips to get you started in making your dorm a place you never want to leave – well, except to go to class.

In order to make your dorm the most relaxing place, start with your bed. You can get an affordable mattress pad at places like Bed Bath & Beyond or Target to make your bed softer and more cozy. Get sheets in your favorite color. Many stores have great options for bed sheets that come in extra long sizes for dorm beds. Remember that fun, bright colors are sure to liven up any dreary dorm room.

Adding accessories can also make the environment feel more welcoming. Extra pillows are always a good idea and you can find specialty ones at Target in an array of different colors. A rug can make the place more comfortable and add some color to your room.

An easy way to decorate your dorm is by putting pictures up. For now you may put pictures of your high school friends up at prom or graduation but be sure they aren’t making you too homesick.  As great as your high school  friends are,  you might soon want to replace these pictures with those of your new friends that you’ve met in at CSUN.

Guys may not want to put pictures up because it can be a “girly thing to do,” but they can still put pictures of their favorite sports team logos or posters up of their favorite bands. Anything to make it your own.

Make sure to put things up on your own side of the wall. You don’t want to be offending your roommate, especially when you have to live with him or her for the rest of the year. Also, make sure you check the dorm policy when it comes to putting stuff on the walls. You might want to get some of kind of mounting tape that won’t mark the walls.

If your bed isn’t already raised, you can buy afforadable bed risers that will save you a ton of room because you store your extra stuff under your bed. Getting some plastic crates for this is perfect. You can get containers in an assortment of colors to match your dorm décor.

Since dorm closets are tiny, chances are you are going to need a lot more storage space. With your belongings tucked out of the way, you won’t be tripping on things in your already tiny space.

Buying some closet organizers will also help you, so that when you are running late to class you will know where everything is and you won’t have a problem finding an ensemble to wear.

Lighting is also important, and something you can have fun with. Get a fun lamp or put up a string of lights in your room to add some personality.

With these tips you will love your dorm room, and it will truly feel like your second home.

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