An environmental and social bond between Apple and HP

Julio Alberto Cruz

Apple and Hewlett-Packard (HP) are not only popular computer and electronic companies, but they are environmentally and socially responsible businesses.

In a 2008 book, The Better World Shopping Guide, by Ellis Jones, both Apple and HP were recognized for their environmental practices and social accountability, plus both are very much used among tech savvy people and students.

That makes the Matador Bookstore much cooler now since it’s an Apple authorized store and had that deal that ended last week, buy a Mac and receive an HP printer for a penny, when purchasing the AppleCare Protection Plan.

Both companies are known as corporate heroes and we can see why through their eco-conscious practices.

HP offers FREE return recycling on its products, something that other companies do not offer, especially at any cost.

Apple does the same thing, plus all its computers are Energy Star certified.

It feels good to know that the MacBook Pro that is on my lap is made out of highly recycle aluminum and glass, plus its design is built around the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions.

Since the environment consists of everything on it, like people, both companies have been awarded a perfect 100 on Human Rights Campaign (HRC) Equality Index, Apple owning that title for six years, by its countless awards on social and business ethics.

Knowing that the people working for those companies have and practice equal rights in the workplace is something to appreciate.

This is one of the best examples of sustainable development because as the economy heads up a hopefully incline of recovery and success, sustainability ensures worldwide protections of natural resources and people, therefore ensuring a strong foundation for future generations in conscious behaviors concerning social and environmental issues.