Electric car made in the USA?

Julio Alberto Cruz

The Nissan LEAF is the one of the top two electric cars in the United States; however, it isn’t foreign like almost every other car that is well built. Surprised? Same here.

Photo Credit: drivebulletin.com

This particular car is made right here in the United States of America. It should be a good one.

President Obama did say he wanted to improve car emissions and create electric cars, as well, and finally we have seen the beginning of this, even though other countries have been using electric cars for some time now.

Yes, the car in itself is progress in the way cars are being made in order to preserve more of the environment and help reduce, if possible, greenhouse gasses and global warming. That is the plan.

The bigger picture here is that job creation is major, because the creation of this car is creating jobs, too.

The proposed 1,300 jobs will occur when the plant is working at its full capacity, meaning that hopefully people actually buy the car for its good cause in being environmentally-friendly (a zero-emission vehicle).

However, job seekers might just have to a wait for a little while since “the all-electric Nissan LEAF will be produced at Nissan’s vehicle assembly facility in Smyrna beginning in 2012” that’s about a year and half from now, and that’s in Smyrna, Tennessee.

The good thing is that I hear people actually wanting this car, not only has it been on demand, but people are looking for ways to make sure it will be out so they can pre-order it.

Another good thing, or hopefully a good thing for the unemployed, is that there is competition out there in electric cars now that is with the 2011 Chevy Volt, also made in the USA.