Cool Websites for Kids

Michelle Verne

Dear Student-parents at CSUN,

My kids begin to ask me questions about the computer when they hit two-years-old.  It was then that I decided to develop a list of websites that would help to further their education and that will allow them to have fun during the process.  I’ve decided to provide that list to you, in hopes that the websites will enhance the quality of learning in your child’s life and will offer a way for them to learn how to use the computer.

Energy Kids (, is a website that is sponsored by the U.S. Energy Administration.  It teaches kids all they need to know about energy, and also provides interactive games and activities that offer a unique learning experience.  Genna’s world ( offers the option to create a story and have it submitted to the website, it also has book reviews, and stories that have been submitted by other children that your child can review., provides animated tools that allow children to learn about how the body works, nutrition and different diseases., helps kids from pre-K to high school and includes math, science and several other topics., is currently strictly for preschool and kindergarten age children.  They offer games, stories and songs that engage younger children, however they are currently in the process of adding educational games for seven to 12 year olds.   Peep and the Big Wide World (, offers three to five-year-olds flash-based games that explore science, however it’s too much fun for them to even realize their learning and mostly exercises their memory.

These websites have been extremely beneficial to my children.  Please look them up with your child and help them to explore the world of computers.