First ever Ciclovía in Los Angeles

Julio Alberto Cruz

Next Sunday, Oct. 10, the city of LA is finally opening it streets to its first ever Ciclovía, also known as CicLAvia in LA.

Photo Credit: Kickstarter, Inc.

It’s a network of routes being reserved throughout the city for people and bicyclists to travel to their destinations and take advantage of any vendors or activities happening around the area. It is more commonly used in Latin American countries, especially in Bogotá, Colombia since it started there about 30 years ago.

It‘s a great way for the city to promote a healthier lifestyle, which is wrapped around the idea of not using a car to get to places but being active, as well.

Our city does not have great air quality so baby steps like this one could help everyone. Obesity in children has been on the rise, so again active is the key word here.

The CicLAvia will be a seven and a half mile stretch.

LA is a great big city, though there are not many parks out there as other big cities, and this will be a good way to bring the community together in a car-free, clean-being, way of lifestyle.

Our bike culture has been on the rise as of late and since California as a whole is on the forefront in the country in going and being more ‘green’ this is a way to increase bicycle usage and reach a Mediterranean-like climate.

CicLAvia educates Angelinos to get involve into a healthier lifestyle where we can use our own legs to transport from one place to another or use a bicycle or public transportation.

It will be great event, experience, to be a part of this, plus it’s FREE because it’s for us, the city, to have LA be the biggest, cleanest and greenest city out there.

The CicLAvia will be from 10 am – 3 pm. See you there!