LGBTA wants queer resource center on campus

Adria Brodie

Along with supporters, LGBTA president asked the Associated Students (A.S.) for their support for a queer resource center on campus and for the recent suicides of gay teenagers.

Martel Okonji, president of LGBTA, said he wanted A.S. to support their events to show students on campus that they are aware of the issues affecting those who don’t feel safe to come out about their sexuality.

“We want A.S. behind us not just as LGBTA, but as CSUN students addressing what is going on,” said Okonji, sociology major. “We need their help.”

Okonji, 22, said the recent suicides of gay teenagers were because they could not find safety and support on campus. He added LGBTA usually gets emails from students who say they don’t have anywhere to go.

“I want a queer resource center on campus because it would provide students a safe environment to talk with other people during a scheduled block of time,” Okonji said referring to the operational hours of the center if opened on campus.

Conor Lansdale, A.S. president, said it was important for Senators to support LGBTA. He added they were a smaller group on campus.

As it relates to the queer resource center, Lansdale said he needed to do more research to comment, but he recognized the request from LGBTA supporters.

Karlee Johnson, vice president of LGBTA, said in order to save students, the queer center is what they can give because they have no place to call home.

Okonji said he would be speaking at the upcoming President’s Town Hall meeting to ask for the queer resource center. He added he wanted A.S. Senators to stand with him in front of the president to show their support.