CSUN students continue dialogue about the Matador Statue

Adria Brodie

Two CSUN students asked the Associated Students Tuesday to keep the dialogue going about the controversial Matador Statue and the need for more classes which was voiced last week.

Anthony Garcia, a student arrested in the March 4th protest, said the issue of the Matador Statue keeps resurfacing in his mind.

“I just wanted to ask the Senate if the entire Senate approved the building of the statue,” Garcia said.

Garcia said he wanted to know what was being done to challenge the statue and if anyone in the Senate questioned the timing of the project.

“I question the timing of this project,” Garcia said. “I’m sure we can approach the company and say this is not the right time.”

Conor Lansdale, A.S. president, said he was not aware of any senators challenging this issue. He added in regards to the contract, it was between alumni and the individual designer.

“People need to let go of that hesitation and focus on graduation,” Lansdale said. “The statue has already been funded.”

Garcia said at this point there is no legacy in a statue. He added he was voicing the opinion of a lot of students.

“In my opinion, not having classes offered is my legacy,” Garcia said.

Daniel Santana, history and Chicano studies major and a member of Students for a Quality Education (SQE),  attended last week’s meeting and reappeared  before the Senate during the open forum to clarify his discontent for A.S. President Conor Lansdale’ request last week that students should provide him with detailed information about adding more classes.

“I am coming to you today as a student and not a member of a club to clarify some of the comments made last week,” Santana said. “I came off pretty strong.”

Santana said A.S. should be responsible for getting that information.

“It’s your job as A.S. to get that information not students,” Santana said. “We turned in that information last year in to get additional classes.”

Santana said he wanted more lines of communication with A.S. and looks forward to working constructively with them. He said he wanted A.S. to advocate against the possible increase of student fees by attending a meeting Nov. 17 in Long Beach addressing the fee increase.