Letter grading companies that provide BPA-free packaging

Julio Alberto Cruz

About a week ago, a report came out that letter grades have been issued to companies that offer or don’t offer BPA-free packaging in foods and beverages.

The investor report is intended to evaluate the performance of companies by addressing the problem of BPA in packaging, which is put together by the Green Century Capital Management (Green Century), an environmentally-responsible investment firm and advisor to the Green Century Funds.

The report does have some surprises but overall it is a good informative report to have, especially nowadays when everyone out there is trying to be a bit more environmentally-friendly, some really are not.

This information is excellent for us to see what corporations are providing true BPA-free can linings, especially since we consume out of those products and it involves our health.

Heinz and General Mills are at the top of the list, receiving an A and B+. Surprisingly, Whole Foods got a D+.

Not so surprising, Kraft, Safeway and Wal-Mart all received an F.

The main reason for this report is to provide transparency, which we all need and is being demanded even more by, you got it, us, the consumers, the ones that really matter.

This is another step or way where we can see who is practicing genuine environmental and safety polices.

Even though some companies, though not directly presented, have gone in the free of toxic chemicals way to avoid significant financial loses due to unhealthy packaging.

Though the start of practicing more conscious ways of production has to with money, which everything has to do with it, you see it as at least a start in working towards more of a healthy lifestyle.

Some people are simply money driven, others connect certain habits with finances and this is definitely a good turn.