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Dressing stylish without showing too much skin

Courtesy of MCT

Most women can recall times  when their mother sent them back to their room to change their outfit when she thought they were showing too much skin.

Even after high school,  some mothers still look at their daughter’s skimpy ensembles with disapproving eyes. As unfair and judgemental  as it may seem, here is a list of reasons to help understand why mothers want their daughters to cover up a little.

It’s natural to want to stand out and do so by dressing a certain way, but that doesn’t mean wearing booty shorts and a tube top will make you look prettier. In fact, it’s likely that by wearing tighter and more provocative clothing you will attract the wrong type of  attention.

Also, people may misinterpret your scantily clad attire as a sign of low self-esteem. You can still shine and look beautiful without having to give the farm away.


When going out for girl’s night, try not to go overboard with the amount of skin you’re showing. When you look like meat, you will be treated like a piece of meat. If you want to wear a mini skirt, wear funky tights underneath as a way to tone it down. Also, wear a top with sleeves if you’re going to be wearing a short skirt.

Create a cute hairstyle, wear bold colors and work your personality as a way to attract others instead of exposing your body to do so.


As far as date night is concerned, even rapper Ludacris is saying he wants a “lady in the street but a freak in the bed.” If you want to be taken seriously by a significant other, dress in a manner that shows you have class. I’m not saying you should wear a turtle neck paired with an ankle length skirt or go too formal on a causal date, but don’t make yourself look cheap by wearing a dress that looks more like a shirt or wear way too much make up.

If you’re going out on a romantic date to a nice restaurant on a romantic date, pairing a colored dress about two inches above the knee with accessories, can make you stand out in just the right way.

Although some men say they don’t like it when women wear make up, it’s not necessarily true. They just don’t it like when women look like they have a mask on. If you’re wearing a dark eye shadow, use a light shade on your lips or wear lip balm. Remember, if you’re wearing red lipstick don’t overdue the eyes.


What you wear when you go out clubbing and what you wear to a family party, should not be the same. Out of respect to elders and loved ones, you should wear something you would feel comfortable wearing to church when attending a Thanksgiving or Christmas celebration. Meagerly distributed clothing can make older family members feel disrespected or uncomfortable. A long, delicate skirt is both feminine and fashionable when attending family functions and you can be sure it won’t offend anyone.


Some people have a hard time picking out clothes for work because it can be hard to look both attractive and professional. A younger employee needs to work extra hard at impressing employers, and prove to co-workers they belong at the corporation.

Always look polished. In doing so, not only will you make a good impression on others, but you will also feel good about yourself. There are so many fabulous options for office clothing such as pencil skirts, a variety of pants and blazers that give you a nice waistline. Avoid wearing mini-skirts, low-cut tops and spaghetti-strap tank tops in a corporate environment.

* * *
When you are young and you live in Los Angeles, the weather allows for you to wear beach clothes year round. However, let’s save high midriff and heavy cleavage exposure exclusively for ocean wear.

There is no draw back to dressing conservatively. It can give a boost to your confidence level because you won’t have to be self-conscious about your physical imperfections..

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