CREDO Mobile, making a difference with your cell phone

Julio Alberto Cruz

I came across Green America, a nonprofit organization who’s mission is “to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable society,” early in September at the Fair Trade Futures Conference in Quincy, Mass. and really liked what they are all about.

One of the greenest cell phone services. Photo: Courtesy of

Basically, Green America is all about being socially and environmentally responsible by promoting, educating and working with ‘green’ businesses and people.

I recently received their packet and came across CREDO Mobile, one of the greenest cell phone services out there. CREDO donates 1% of phone charges to nonprofit organizations and progressive causes at no extra cause.

According to the third edition of “The Better World Shopping Guide” CREDO has given $60 million to different types of nonprofit organizations and is rated with an A+ as top three cell phone services.

They have donated $10 million to environmental groups. CREDO also donates to Planned Parenthood and Democracy Now!

CREDO works only with Sprint, and has a variety of phones, though not the up-to-date ones like the Samsung Epic or HTC EVO. This could be because CREDO works with phones that are low in radiation and emissions. CREDO also buys carbon offsets for energy use.

Some of the reasons why its phones are “green” is due to:

  1. We were the first phone company to be certified by for offsetting the emissions produced by our phones — the fuel it takes to ship them and the electricity they’ll use over their life span.
  2. We’re a leader in phone recycling. With every new handset, we include a prepaid shipping label to make it easy to send in your old phone for reuse or recycling.
  3. We offer refurbished phones to help keep old phones out of landfills.
  4. We were the first phone company to offer solar-powered phone chargers.

I’ll probably look into them as soon as my contract is over, which is a while from now, but if your contract is up and are looking for a new provider or phone, check it out. You might just like it.