Clean air cars – 2010 models

Julio Alberto Cruz

The following are some cars I came across from Clean Air Choice, which list the 2010 cars that are at the top of clean air cars by having a low Carbon Footprint.

The rating of the Carbon Footprint on the cars is based on the cars driven about 15,000 miles per year. (visit for info)

Some, if not all, of the cars I list can be seen in the Los Angeles Auto Show at the Los Angeles Convention Center during Nov. 19-28.

The cleanest air cars will obviously be electric cars. But those are not on this list since those cars do not affect the air like gasoline-based vehicles. (check out Nissan Leaf or Chevy Volt for electric cars).

The Advanced Technology – Partial Zero-Emission Vehicles (AT-PZEVs) are the cleanest because that means those cars are ran by hybrid gas-electric.

Some of the best hybrids:

Car                                               MPG (city/hwy)                               Carbon Footprint (CO2 tons/yr)

Toyota Prius 51/48                                                                   3.7

Honda Civic 40/45                                                                  4.4

Honda Insight 40/43                                                                   4.5

Ford Fusion 41/36                                                                    4.7

Mercury Milan 41/36                                                                     4.7

For those out there that prefer only gas ran cars, check out the Partial Zero-Emission Vehicles (some of the best):

Car                                               MPG (city/hwy)                               Carbon Footprint (CO2 tons/yr)

Kia Forte 27/36                                                                     6.1

Nissan Sentra 26/34                                                                    6.3

Ford Focus 24/33                                                                     6.6

Nissan Altima 23/32                                                                      6.8

Volkswagen Golf 22/30                                                                      7.1

Honda Accord 21/31                                                                       7.3

Toyota Camry 21/31                                                                        7.3

So if you are looking for a new car just want to be informed check them out or even attend the auto show to see what’s out there.