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Shant Kazandjian

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CD Trader Photo by Shant Kazandjian
CD Trader Photo by Shant Kazandjian

CD Trader
(818) 705-3544
18926 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356

While other records stores are struggling to stay open during this downward economy, the CD Trader in Tarzana seems unaffected. “Sales have stayed the same. Other record stores are closing, but we’re still going on,” says Erica Abell.

Started in Thousand Oaks, nowadays, a CD Trader can be found on Ventura Blvd. Located only six miles away from CSUN, it is considered one of the best places to get CDs in the Valley.

A step towards getting to know someone on a more personal level is knowing what kind of music they listen to. The most common thing a couple agrees on is the type of music they enjoy. What better way is there to get to know someone’s musical interest than to take them to a record store and see what kind of CDs they pick up?

Like a scene from the mid-90’s movie “Empire Records,” the three employees working behind the counter seem to be having a great time enjoying the music being played. “The music you hear in our store depends on what we’re in the mood for.”

You will find the CD Trader employees to know their product and to even suggest other music depending on your purchase. These are the types of people consumers love to find in a record store. Music lovers tend to swarm to other music lovers.

Peets Coffee and Tea Photo by Shant Kazandjian
Peets Coffee and Tea Photo by Shant Kazandjian

Peet’s Coffee & Tea
(818) 401-0263
18973 Ventura Blvd.
Tarzana, CA 91356

Places to buy coffee are definitely not hard to find nowadays. Everyone knows that if you pass one coffee shop on the street, there is probably going to be another one showing up in the next minute or so. Drinking coffee with somebody has become the typical “first date.”

Located only six miles away from CSUN and in spite of having only one store in the Valley, Peet’s is still considered the “small town coffee shop” that coffee/tea drinkers love to go to.

“I think our customers appreciate our free wi-fi, good atmosphere, and the good quality product we carry,” says Matthew Pink. “A personal favorite during the summertime is the Large Hibiscus Breeze Tea Cooler.”

When you walk in, you will notice the classical music playing on the overhead. “It is very calm in here. No one ever seems to be in a rush. It may be the music, but I find the general attitude in Peet’s to be relaxing,” says customer Frank Allen.

A customer walking up to the counter must have missed the sign saying “Fresh coffee is brewed every 30 minutes or less.” She turned to Matthew and asked, “Is the coffee fresh?”

“Fresh? Always,” says Matthew with a smile.

Laemmle Theaters Photo by Shant Kazandjian
Laemmle Theaters Photo by Shant Kazandjian

Laemmle’s Town Center 5
(818) 981-9811
17200 Ventura Blvd.
Encino, CA 91316

The Laemmle (pronounced Lem-lee) Theatres is a nice place to take a date to see an Independent film not being shown anywhere else in the Valley. Less than seven miles away from CSUN, you won’t find anywhere closer showing films other theaters avoid playing.

You won’t always find the big summer blockbuster showing at The Laemmle. Because they have only five screens to show movies on, they must cycle through a lot of movies during the month. Which means you may find a handful of new movies you would like to watch every week.

On their Web Site, they write “A few months back when we were showing ‘The Diving Bell & The Butterfly’ and ‘Savages’ and ‘Persepolis’ we were only too happy to resist the studio siren song and skip playing films like ‘Definitely, Maybe’ and ‘Fool’s Gold’ and ‘Jumper.’ But when the art films that are in release are not as commercially viable, we do what we have to to stay afloat. “

“I usually go to Hollywood or Santa Monica to see most of my Independent movies, but I am always excited when I don’t have to drive that much. The Laemmle [in Encino] is a great place to catch up on movies,” says movie-goer Chelsea Balderas.

Tickets are on sale at The Laemmle for $7 anytime before 6:00PM on Monday-Friday and 2:00 PM Saturday and Sunday. General tickets are $10, while students can pay $8.50.