Banking or investing in a socially responsible way

Julio Alberto Cruz

Nowadays people are skeptical in what to do with their money, either in shopping but mainly in banking and investing.

If you are into investing money Green America is a good way to go. One of its main acts has been in spending money, about $1 billion worth of investments into disadvantage communities.

Green America partners up with the Social Investment Forum, the national nonprofit association of investment practitioners advancing responsible investing.

That is just an example of it does. Another way you could be making your money count is by having a Green America Visa credit card, which was launched in 2009 with ShoreBank Pacific.

ShoreBank Pacific is a “community investing bank that supports the environment and local communities through its lending.”

ShoreBank Pacific was rated an A + by Ellis Jones’The Better World Shopping Guide” as one of the top social and environmental responsible banks.

It has earned several accolades such as Green America Certified Green Business and Environmentally Responsible, Community Development Bank, just to name a couple.

This type of banking is coming to be known as activism banking because with a small percentage spend in a credit card or investing in green businesses, our money isn’t only growing but our surroundings are as well.

Through setting some retirement goals, to shareholding, to creating a charity, the true meaning of money going around in a circle does come into effect.

So if you are looking to invest or change banking practices any time soon, check those green banking nonprofit organizations, banks previously mentions as well as the following:

Those are a few that could be checked out and always look into local credit unions as well.