Where to: take a day trip in Los Angeles

Kat Ernst

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Many college students don’t have a car, or the price of gas is too much, therefore having a fun filled weekend can be tricky. But you’re in luck! The LA Metro system is here to save your social life…I will not only tell you how to get to these places with no car and on the cheap, but also why these places are the best for your buck.

Venice Beach

“Venice Beach is by far the most intense scene in LA. Just imagine three miles of bike riding, rollerblading, shopping, sandy beaches and of course people watching”

Santa Monica Pier

“Roller coasters, Ferris wheels and games, oh my! After a long day on the sandy beaches of Santa Monica you can walk up the pier for a yummy funnel cake while waiting in line to ride the brand new Farris wheel that overlooks the pacific ocean and the hills of Los Angeles.”

LA Zoo

“Lions, tigers and bears, oh my! Need I say more?”

Beverly Center

“ This is an eight story structure with every American retailer you can imagine. Who knows you may find yourself shopping next to Cameron Diaz.”
Hollywood Bowl

“ If you ever want to see a concert in Los Angeles it might as well be here. This outdoor amphitheatre can hold more than 17,000 people”

Grauman’s Chinese Theatre

“Nowhere in the world can you meet and greet Spider Man, Zorro and Elvis all in one block. This is a fun place to be if you’re feeling corky and fun”

Staples Center

“As a true blooded Lakers fan, this is where it’s at to watch the game.”

Dodger Stadium

“Home of the famous Dodger dog. Don’t forget the relish and mustard!”

Getty Center

“Besides the spectacular architecture and gardens the Getty overlooks breathtaking views of Los Angeles”