Where to: find a bathing suit

Where to: find a bathing suit

Kat Ernst

As the valleys and the oceans heat up, so does our need to dress to impress at the beach. So what are the popular brands? What colors are in? And what are the most popular accessories to wear to the beach?

Teresa Njor, a sales associate from Canyon Beachwear in Studio City says, “Vitamin-A and VIC’s bathing suits are really popular this year. More blue is in this year too.” Njor also says that, “there are a lot of different wraps out this season. They’re more full wraps and V-Neck styles. We have seamless, sheer ones and more solids are in this year.”

Kelly Gallegar, a college student at SMC and avid surfer, says comfort and support are the key factors for her when buying a swimsuit, “I’m active on the beach I don’t just lay out, I surf and play volleyball so I need to be supported so I always choose Billabong or RipCurl.”

Most college students find bathing suits to be expensive- a top and bottom each costing $70.00 is outrageous to some. But we are in luck! Target stores sell bathing suits starting at $14.00 a piece that are fashionable. “Brighter colors are in like yellow, orange, hot pink, light blue and Solids like light blue, black and brown,” says the Ready to Wear sales associate at the Target store in Northridge.

Sarah Jackson, a frequent Target shopper says she loves Targets cheap wraps, “they’re cute and comfortable.”

Espinoza says they have wraps in all colors and prints, “beige with tiger print. We have polka dots, blue and white. We have different colors like light brown, brown and white and we have them in the terry cloth and the regular t-shirts”

If you’re ready to crack open your piggy bank and spend it on a bathing suit that is on the more expensive side, Canyon Beachwear is the place to shop. If you need to save that money for driving to and from the beach this summer, then Target is the way to go!