Out with the Old, in with the New

Michelle Verne

Student-Parents at CSUN,

Holiday season is a busy time for parents of small children.  One of the reasons is because they’re always growing out of everything.  Whether it’s clothes or toys, they grow rapidly, physically and mentally.  Before the new stuff comes in, the old stuff has to go.  Since I have three children, I spend a whole day before the holidays getting rid of all the old. By the time I’m finished I have at least three bags worth of toys and clothes that are still in really good condition, some of it almost new.

This is the best time to donate items, and many places throughout the valley will take these items and also give a receipt to use during tax deduction time.  The Salvation Army has several drop boxes throughout the valley.  To find locations, go to www.salvationarmyusa.org.  There is also the National Council of Jewish Women which has three locations in the San Fernando Valley, go to www.ncjwla.org for more information.

Take the kids along with for the donation.  They’ll feel good to know that their things are being given to a good cause and that they took part in the giving.  It’s also a good time to discuss the gift of giving and how it makes them feel.

Don’t forget to think of family and friends before taking them to a charity.  Post a little note on Facebook to see if there’s anyone in need.  Most of the time, the stuff is gone before I can even donate it to a charity.