Housing around campus offers amenities and welcomes students

Vanessa Padilla

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Howard Austin

Randa Issa


Obtaining housing during college can be difficult for students. CSUN not only offers dorms, but has off campus housing options as well. There are also various apartment complexes and town homes close to the campus that are very welcoming to students.

Howard Austin has been affiliated with the off campus-housing program for many years and enjoys having students rent rooms from his home. He first became involved with the program when CSUN had the E.F International Language School, and decided to stick with it even after E.F School closed at CSUN.

“We’ve had students from; Japan, China, Middle Europe, Canada and Taiwan to name a few.” said Austin. He still corresponds with some of his past tenants.

If students don’t want to live in dorms, or rent from an off campus-housing host, they can rent an apartment or a town home. The managers of such places are very welcoming to students and like having them as tenants.

According to Randa Issa, the property manager of the Artisan Square Apartments, they offer one to three bedroom town homes, a fitness center and a business center complete with wi-fi.

Daniel, a Microbiology student said that finding an apartment wasn’t too hard, and most places were pretty relaxed easy to deal with. Yet some of the places had strict guidelines for students that made it difficult for them to rent there.

“A couple of the places we tried, management was really strict. Some places around here wouldn’t even take students unless they had their own income of like 2500 plus,” said Daniel.