Where to: relax around CSUN

Kat Ernst

Finding a place to relax around CSUN is so simple. With the San Fernando Valley heat fixed onto CSUN, some want to spend their time on campus in comfortable outdoor and indoor environments. I have found some places students will love to relax at.

In front of Manzanita Hall
There are benches and tables for you to study in the sun or the shade.

Sierra Center/Freudian Slip
This is by far my favorite place to relax on campus. You can got outside on the roof or stay inside and watch TV or play on the computer.

Bayramian Hall
For those hot days, Bayramian Hall has icy cold air-conditioned halls. And they play The Price is Right on the television.

Back of library
There are around 15 benches behind the library and they have gorgeous views of the of the campus.

Arbor Grill
There are always a lot of people hanging around the Arbor Grill. They have great food and many tables to sit at. Great place to hang out with some friends after or before class.

University Student Union
This is the place that has everything. Fitness center, pool, game room, lounge areas, Sam’s Clothing and Accessories, Freudian Sip, Geronimo’s Dining Hall, PUB Sports Grill, Subway and much more

Anytime before and after 12:30-3:30 it’s free swim! Call lifeguard station for changes. 818-677-5755

Matador Book Store Complex
With a great lounge upstairs to study and watch TV, they also have Burger King and El Pollo Loco!