Let’s do some good with our spending

Julio Alberto Cruz

T-shirt seen at Ten Thousand Villages in Pasadena, CA. Photo Credit: Julio Alberto Cruz

We cannot be too naive or ignorant nowadays. We really can’t. Technology, some may argue, has turned many into zombies, though now on its own but as a big support, it helps us educate and inform ourselves.

Point being, so much is going out there, out in the world and the main aspect of life that makes my stomach turn and even upset, though willing to something about it, is poverty.

We Americans love to spend our money, good or bad, but we should start, and for others, continue to do some good with it.

Let’s start focusing on those producers, since they literately make our products. Something so simple is making many poor, many greedier, and we can do something about it.

Many have began shopping due to the holidays and if you are in the act of giving, check out SERRV.

SERRV is a nonprofit organization with a mission to eradicate poverty wherever it resides by providing opportunity and support  to artisans and farmers worldwide.

For further concrete information about Fair Trade, see Fair Trade Resource Network.

For a shopping guide, look no more and check out the third edition of “The Better World: Shopping Guide“.

Not everything, since we may not have direct access to it, has to be or is Fair Trade Certified, so seek those social and environment responsible ways of productions, wholesalers, and retailers.

For example, the following are a couple of retailers or companies or organizations in different categories that are not entirely Fair Trade but practice in conscious ways.

Category – Company(ies)

Baby Care – Seventh Generation

Body Care – AvedaKiss My Face

Chips –  Kettle Chips

Chocolate – Equal ExchangeDivine

Clothing – PatagoniaAutonomie

Coffee – look for Fair Trade and/or Organic on label

Shoes – Simple ShoesTOMS

Supermarkets – Farmers MarketWhole Foods Market

Those are just a few things to look at. Some foods that we consume and clothes that we wear are good for us and for the environment, too. Either it’s healthy or it lasts long.