Should more US cable providers be broadcasting Al-Jazeera English?

Mandi Gosling

In recent weeks as Tunisia, Egypt and other parts of the Middle East have exploded in political revolutions, the Western media has scrambled to provide coverage of the events.

As they have struggled for access to the areas of conflict, millions of American viewers instead turned to Al-Jazeera English, which has been providing the most complete coverage, streaming a live news feed on the Internet.

No television cable provider in the U.S. broadcasts Al-Jazeera English, with the exception of a few providers in Ohio, Vermont and D.C. The network aims to change that and has seized their moment launching a “Demand Al-Jazeera on U.S. television” campaign.

Al-Jazeera English is currently broadcast in more than 100 countries with nearly 70 news bureaus around the world.

With so much respect internationally, shouldn’t more American cable providers at least provide their viewers with the option of watching Al-Jazeera English?