Would an uncircumcised man be a stop sign in the bedroom?

Britten Fay

Medical studies have shown circumcision markedly reduces chances of contracting a sexually transmitted disease as well as newborns’ risk of developing urinary tract infections.  Even so, Medicaid and other insurance companies in some states have stopped covering the practice, making the choice for some families.

At the same time anti-circumcision advocates, or “intactivists,” cry out against the practice, condemning it as genital mutilation upon an unwilling participant.

Consequently, a recent federal study showed a decline in circumcision in boys from over 50 percent in 2006 to less than a third in 2010.

But men in America without circumcisions are still the minority and there may be a muted prejudice against the appearance of their penises.

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, would the sight of an un-circumcised penis be a stop sign in the bedroom or would you embrace diversity?