A.S. allocates supplemental funds to ASO, LGBTA

Samantha Tata

A.S. allocated additional funds to African Student Organization (ASO) and LGBTA from an account of “unassigned contingency funds” which holds $80,000, said Vahan Khodanian, director of finance.

ASO received $800 for a Black History Month benefit concert to supplement their $6,000 budget while LGTBA was granted an unofficial loan of $885 for Gay Prom.

Khodanian said despite looming budget cuts to the CSU, these supplemental allocations were equivalent to only one percent of A.S.’s budget for the remainder of the semester and were justifiable.

“Each club has gone through their budgets and the money has been well-spent,” Khodanian said.

Up to $885 of revenue generated from LGBTA’s Gay Prom, to be held April 15, will be given back to A.S. while any additional revenue may be retained by the group.

The funds ASO received, although less than they wanted, will support a benefit concert, the proceeds of which will be donated to the Orphans and Vulnerable Children Program, part of Project Africa, and to building a bridge in Swaziland, South Africa, said ASO Vice President Adaku Anyanwu, 28.

“We want to put CSUN on the map in terms of global action,” Anyanwu said.

The concert will be held Feb. 22.