A.S. alters elections code, makes involvement “more appealing”

Samantha Tata

The A.S. senate amended election codes Tuesday in an effort to make student involvement in campus government more appealing.

Among the changes, students will no longer have to post a participation bond to run in the student elections.  Prior to these changes, students were required to post $40 individually or $80 for a president-vice president ticket, said A.S. President Conor Lansdale.

“I had to deal with these fees in my own election,” Lansdale said.  “I don’t want other students to have to experience them.”

Business and Economics Senator Amanda Flavin promoted the legislation to the senate and said it was imperative that they approve the changes.

Flavin explained that the new rules would be less severe.

“The penalties have changed,” she said.  “If students violate the elections code, there will not be a hold placed on their registration.”

Rather, students in violation of elections code would have a formal complaint filed against them and be removed from the ballot.

This legislation will also allow for the inclusion of a constitutional amendment in upcoming elections.  The amendment will prompt students to vote for or against changing the elections cycle from twice a year to only once in the spring semester.

Flavin said CSUN will adopt an automated run-off election format, an electronic counting system that would require students to vote for their top two choices and, in the event of a tie, tally the runner-up in second-choice votes to determine a winner.

Lansdale said removing the financial burden associated with elections might increase student interest.

“We’re in the process of (removing any elements that may) dissuade students from participating,” he said.