Is Yosemite National Park in danger?

Julio Alberto Cruz


Such a scenic, breathtaking natural place might just be in danger. But of what you might ask?

Yosemite National Park is surrounded by active mining claims. Photo credit: Pascal/Flickr

There has been about 285 mining claims  in the 10 miles surrounding Yosemite National Park, reports Dan Jacobson, legislative director of Environment California.

See map of active mining claims on Facebook that shows how close to the park those companies are mining.

This is an issue, and has been an issue as of late more than ever, because those gold mines use toxic chemicals like cyanide that not only could effect the park but probably, most likely, the people that visit.

Just by absorbing or inhaling toxic chemicals can be pretty unhealthy, risky, and dangerous.

That is the bad part, the worst part because it puts people in danger.

Something that is news to me is that hard-rock mining generates more toxic waste than any other industry in America.

So if you are planning on driving over Yosemite any time soon, be cautious.

And, if you want to do something about it, pledge.

It would be disappointing if one of the best places to get away and be close to nature, or so I hear since I haven’t been, be diminished little by little because of mining companies trying to get rich, would simply be sad.

How rich?

See how much gold goes for today.

So, visit now. Hope it continues to be the park that it is, which is also the third most visited park in the world.