A.S. hears ways to incorporate forgotten students

Samantha Tata

Being a commuter school, CSUN’s campus may be considered less-than-lively, but leaders have presented ways of getting these students interacting with campus life.

A.S. Senator Sydni Powell presented her colleagues with ideas learned at the Annual Association of College Unions International in Chicago last week.

“Not every student can be involved,” said the lower division senator.  “These students are underrepresented.”

Powell referenced commuters, transfers and older students as part of this non-traditional population that is often ignored.

“These students’ involvement might be finding another mom, or someone else who has the same 45 minute drive in the morning,” Powell said.

She emphasized the idea of creating commuter lounges where students who live far from campus may relax or study during long breaks between class.

In an effort to make commuting students feel welcome, Powell suggested setting up program tables near the parking garages.  These tables could pass out anything from breakfast bars to CSUN license plate frames in what Powell called “tokens of our appreciation.”

“These would be easy to implement over the next year or two,” she said.