A few fun, naughty and creative ways to celebrate World Water Day 2011

A few fun, naughty and creative ways to celebrate World Water Day 2011

Aimee Lastrella

With World Water Day only one day away, I feel that the best way to promote it would be to suggest some fun and helpful ways to conserve water. Some things on the list are more fun, suggestive, interesting and creative.

I looked up a bunch of conservation tips online, but these definitely are the ones that made me laugh, made me think or made me think “hey, that’s simple enough and I can do that!”

  1. Take shorter showers (or shower together!)
  2. Don’t run the water while you’re shaving or brushing your teeth.
  3. Plant an ocean friendly garden.
  4. “If it’s yellow let it mellow, but if it’s brown flush it down.” (This one made me laugh)
  5. Fix a leaky faucet or sink.

Ironically, it’s raining. We currently have water falling down from the sky and flooding our streets. So you have to ask, why try and conserve it when it’s seriously in abundance?

Simply because there will be a day when we will run out of water. There will be a day when your city might go through a drought. Think about it. Do you want your wasteful ways to be the reason that your lawn, your pets and you go thirsty?

But I know your asking, with all this rain there is no way that it is going to happen anytime soon. And sure, you’re right, but probably the best tip I read on my search came from the inspiration of the rain. The tip being to…

  • Build a rain barrel into your down spout & water your plants with it (just don’t forget to put a lid on it so you don’t get mosquitoes!).

Check out the video below that shows you how to build your very own a rain barrel. It’s another little D.I.Y and rainy day project all to help conserve water.