Would you be willing to pay for a football team at CSUN?

Kristin Hugo


In 2001, the CSUN football team was discontinued due to financial issues.

On Monday, individuals were asking students to sign a petition to reinstate the football team. They hope to get the motion to get the team back on the next ballot.

The idea is that a football team will increase student unity and community. The question is, will you be willing to pay for it?

The Los Angeles Times reported in 2001 that the team cost CSUN $1 million per year, and brought in $26,000 in ticket sales. In 1992, the times reported that the team costs are covered in part by donations, in part by ticket sales, and in part by The Northridge Foundation and student fees. Additionally, due to Title IX, the more money spent on men’s sports, the more the school must spend on women’s sports.

With the budget cuts and a lack of school spirit, would you pay to have a football team? And how much?







(NOTE: I looked up The Northridge Foundation and it looks like they focus on the Northridge Hospital, not football.)