First CicLAvia of the year coming up

Julio Alberto Cruz

On Sunday, April 10 the first CicLAvia of the year will go on throughout some LA neighborhoods from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

First-ever CicLAvia on 10/10/10 brought many cyclists enjoy the 7.5 miles throughout the entire sunny Sunday. Photo credit: Julio Alberto Cruz

The first ever ciclovía in LA was last October and there was a great turn out that this year three events will take place.

The other two will be on July 10 and October 9.

April 10 is projected to be a sunny 81 degree-day for all Angelenos to walk, jog or bike the 7.5 miles from Boyle Heights to East Hollywood.

In order for this happen, there will be streets closed to car traffic (see map).

What better way to get out the car and enjoy a warm day on a Sunday while getting some exercise done and getting to know place in LA that probably didn’t even know they existed.

CicLAvia is pushing for streets to be safer for people to walk, skate, play and ride a bike. There will be activities along the route, and shop owners and restaurants are most likely having their doors open for people that will be along the CicLAvia.

For those that do not know about ciclovía, it is a great event the city puts into work, something done in many places across the globe for decades.

Like in its place of origin, ciclovía has weekly street closure events in Bogotá, Colombia, where people have been creating space and time to be active.

That is definitely something needed here in LA, where most residents drive and don’t do much else, especially when commuting.

So, stay connected with CicLAvia through Facebook to make sure you don’t miss the bike ride on April 10 and the other two later this year.

So many things occur other than just biking or walking down and up the roads, like bands playing live music, some sort of games for adult and children, a yoga class, and more.