Amanda Flavin and Sydni Powell win CSUN A.S. presidential elections

Samantha Tata

Photo courtesy of Amanda Flavin and Sydni Powell

Associated Students will undergo a legislative makeover for the Fall 2011 semester by eradicating the Policies Committee and reinstating the Legislative Affairs branch and clubs and organizations director, said president-elect Amanda Flavin.

CSUN students elected Amanda Flavin and Sydni Powell to serve as their Associate Students president and vice president for the 2011-12 academic-year during elections held on campus and online April 13 and 14.

Flavin said her first order of business includes the restoration of some A.S. positions that have gone by the wayside.

She said her administration will appoint faculty advisors and student representatives to the Legislative Affairs branch, a committee whose responsibilities include bringing political candidates to speak on campus and organize student-lobbying efforts to Sacramento regarding budget cuts.

Flavin’s running-mate Sydni Powell said she is grateful to be given the opportunity to continue her service to CSUN students.

“First and foremost, I am proud of the student population,” she said.  “(Voter turnout) shows they care more than ever.”

Flavin and Powell’s Strength and Diversity ticket won over John Ryan Biltz and Anthony Castro’s Leadership and Service ticket 1,684 to 825.

Vice president-elect Powell said she will immediately grow the relationship between A.S. and campus clubs and organizations.

“We want to start the conversation early and find out what students need,” Powell said.  “I want to communicate to the students that they made a good decision.”

While Biltz could not be reached for comment, Castro said running in the elections has been “one of the best experiences” as he was able to meet students and learn their concerns.

“I was working hard for what I wanted,” he said.  “I’ll still be involved with A.S. and work towards the goals I set out in the election.”

Castro commended his opponents as “very worthy” candidates for the position.

Also on the ballot was a constitutional amendment that proposed eliminating bi-annual elections in favor of a single election during the spring semester.  This measure passed 1,537 to 683.