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woman stands in hamburger suit in front of red elections signs

A.S. and USU election organizers hope for high turnout

Organizers hope this year's turnout will match last year's high turnout
two woman dressed professionally happily smiling

AS elections: Matador Movement candidates want to see a change for...

A.S. Presidential and Vice Presidential candidates Beverly Ntagu and Rose Merida want involvement and change for students
AS students speak at meeting

Culture of overspending continues in A.S., candidates say

As ballots are counted for the new Associated Students administration, an alleged atmosphere of overspending may be approaching its end
Student looks over Ipad on table

Students vote during AS elections

Students voted today in the different Associated Student Election booths set up around campus. In the second day of elections, members promote different outlets...
Illustration of a remake of "The Creation of Adam"

How A.S. can improve its outreach

Even with the elections, Associated Students needs to go further to grab students' attention.

Associated Students has an election problem

The Associated Students elections need to make some massive changes.

AS candidates debate for upcoming elections

The Associated Student candidates and current AS members gathered at Bayramian lawn for debates to represent themselves one last time to the students before...
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