A.S. and USU election organizers hope for high turnout


Orlando Mayorquin

Associated Students and University Student Union student leadership elections are underway as online polls opened this morning.

Eligible CSUN students received an email containing a link to the ballot. A.S. representatives and election organizers are hopeful that this year’s voter turnout will be as successful as last year with a 17 percent turnout – a record high.

“We know what we hope for and we know what we expect,” said Leanne Vincent, manager for student leadership in A.S. and adviser for the election.

“Nationally the voter turnout for student government elections is about seven percent…it [last year] was the highest voter turnout we’ve ever had,” said Vincent, as she looked on to students voting at a polling station.

Voting is being encouraged through three physical voting stations on campus, offering vouchers for a free burger at select on-campus eateries.

“[We have] like little incentives… we call them ‘thank you’s’ more than ‘incentives’ to get people to come out and vote,” said Angela Mendoza, junior communications major and election committee member. Everyone [who votes] gets these vouchers for places around campus. You get a free burger and we have vegan options as well.”

Among those Matadors that turned out to vote was Meagan Plummer, junior and ctva major. Plummer wishes that there was more publicity for the election and candidates.

“The only reason why I knew is because of my friend – her boyfriend was running and she was promoting him.” Plummer said.

Current A.S. Vice President Zahraa Khuraibet was out campaigning for Rise N’ Unite presidential candidate Alex Cañas just outside the boundaries of the voting station Wednesday morning.

“If your money is being contributed in this you should have a say on who your leaders should be,” said Khuraibet in reference to the A.S. fee students pay each semester as part of their tuition. In the spring 2018 semester, that fee was $94.

“Last year, we broke numbers. My slate, when I ran, we broke numbers. So I want to see those numbers broken again,” said the Cañas endorser, “That’s why I’m out here and I’m telling people to vote.”

Voting stations will be open April 4 and 5 from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m.. Online voting closes tomorrow, April 5, at 6 p.m. and A.S. will host a results reveal party at the USU.