A.S. president urges support of bill

Samantha Tata

Associated Students President Conor Lansdale urged the senate Tuesday to support the Intercollegiate Housing and Infrastructure Act.

The bill, which has been approved by the U.S. House of Representatives and was presented to the Senate in March, stipulates that any donation to a private non-profit student housing organization would now be considered tax deductible.

Donations to student organizations that provide housing to their members, such as sororities and fraternities, Hillel and national scholar associations are currently exempt from tax deductions.

Although CSUN does not have a large population of these associations that offer off-campus housing, Lansdale said it is important for the senate to draw up an official statement in support of the act.

These types of organizations generally have capital improvement funds which can be used to maintain the facilities provided to members, but increased incentives for community members to donate wouldn’t hurt, said Lansdale, member of the Phi Kappa Alpha fraternity.

“By allowing donations to be tax-deductible, these groups will be able to create more affordable housing,” Lansdale said.

He also said students who choose to live in these off-campus facilities create openings in on-campus housing.  With increased donations to these properties, jobs may also be created in the communities in which they live.

“This money could be used to hire contractors and plumbers,” Lansdale said.

Many fraternity and sorority members sit on the A.S. senate.  In addition to Lansdale’s Phi Kappa Alpha, Greek organizations Zeta Beta Tau, Lambda Chi Alpha and Sigma Phi Epsilon are represented by sitting senators.