Schwarzenegger should return to acting in films


Former California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger poses for a photo with movie posters from his acting career in Santa Monica on April 8, 2011.


By Savanna Chute

Arnold Schwarzenegger announced earlier this year that he would be returning to film now that he is no longer the governor of California. “Exciting news,” he wrote on Twitter. “My friends at CAA (Creative Artists Agency) have been asking me for seven years when they can take offers seriously. I gave them the green light today.”
This news has been met with some debate, but I say, “Go for it, Governator!”  Schwarzenegger should return to making films.
Long before he was a politician, Schwarzenegger was an actor. He is most well known for his role in the series of Terminator films, the first of which debuted in 1984. It was only recently, in 2003, that he was elected California’s governor.  After serving two terms, he wants to return to his primary career and is in talks to star in Terminator 5.
Some people argue he should not return to the entertainment spotlight. As an elected official for the state of California and the United States, he has created a new persona. If he is to return to film, it is possible the things he says or does may be misconstrued as negative for the country or state, especially to foreign nations.
However, by law our elected officials serve only for a short and limited period of time. It is impossible to tell someone that once they become a politician, they have to cut out other parts of their lives forever.
And Schwarzenegger will hardly be the first celebrity to grace our political stage and then return to the limelight of celebrity. Some examples include actor and director Clint Eastwood who was the mayor of Carmel, California, singer Sonny Bono who served as the mayor of Palm Springs and a state congressman, as well as professional wrestler and actor Jesse Ventura who was the mayor of Brooklyn Park, Minnesota and governor of the state.  Maybe the best example is actor Ronald Reagan, who served as governor of California before being elected president of the United States.
All of these people managed to juggle both successful personal and political careers. If lawyers and peanut farmers can become politicians, leave office and then more or less continue with their lives, then celebrities should too.
His return to film could be bumpy.  There are potential boycotts of his movies because of his political decisions and many are wondering if he can still make movies worth watching. All we need to do is sit back, relax and enjoy the show.
Hey, at least he is true to his word – he said he’d be back.


Savanna Chute, 19, is a freshman majoring in theater and an argumentation student in the COMS 225 class.



By Siranush Oganesyan

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s varied career has led him to become both a mega-movie star and a two-term California governor.  Although, he is most widely known for his role as an action hero, specifically in the Terminator series of movies, his talents and successes as a conservative, yet progressive politician are of greater value to the country and the world.  Therefore, I believe that to preserve his political reputation he should not go back to the entertainment industry.
As an entertainer, it is true that he can demand large sums of money for his work in movies, but his skills as an actor cannot change or influence any global or domestic issues. His pursuit of wealth and fame will not help make the world a better place, but now with his political expertise, he can contribute to developing solutions for things that really matter here at home and abroad.
During his time in office as a Republican governor, Schwarzenegger worked hard to represent the conservative values of his party and helped to achieve their goals.  He was admired because he gained the trust of voters during times of fear and insecurity. As well, he was able to work across the aisle and implement legitimate strategies that pleased both parties.  He should put these political skills to use by pursuing another elected office or authoritative position.
Returning to the world of entertainment world will not only be a difficult adjustment, but it serves no moral purpose.  He will have many more opportunities to make important and relevant decisions that he won’t be able to as an actor.  It is only moral and logical for him to stay in the political scene and use his abilities for the good of everyone.
It is important he make a choice between politics and entertainment because it is confusing to the public if he jumps back and forth between the roles of politician and movie star. Returning to the movie industry would erode his image as a statesman and disappoint many of his constituents. Many people will question his credibility if he appears to be pursuing superficial things like fame and money.
Therefore, I believe Schwarzenegger should continue to build on his political successes and develop his reputation in public service as opposed to returning to his acting career.


Siranush Oganesyan is an argumentation student in the COMS 225 class.


**Debate Disclaimer: Participants in this debate are students in Communication Studies 225, an argumentation class.  The headline is the resolution being debated and each student has taken a side, either for or against that resolution.  The position taken by each student may or may not reflect their personal views.