CSUN student films showcased at Academy of Television Arts and Sciences

Nikki Erinakis

Senior Film Showcase at the Academy of Television and Sciences at North Hollywood on Wednesday.

The CTVA department held their annual senior film showcase at the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences in North Hollywood.


The event was hosted by actress Jenna Elfman, who is best known for her role in television series “Dharma & Greg,” and actor Louis Gossett who won an Academy Award for Best Supporting Actor in “An Officer and a Gentleman.” The films chosen to appear that evening were judged by a panel of professionals. Four senior student directors had the opportunity to showcase their films at the event.

Over 600 people attended the event for the evening and many more were turned away due to the large turnout.

CSUN alumna Talin Paseghian was turned away from attending the event. She said she works as a producer in the film industry and left work early so she could watch the short films. She waited over an hour outside the theater before being turned away.

“The last time I was here there was a big turnout,” Padeghian said. “I wanted to see what students were doing since the 11 years I have graduated.”

She said this issue is a reoccurring problem and that the department should try to find a better system for allocating seats.

Paseghian’s husband, Rudolpho Zalez, also a CSUN alumnus, works for the film industry. He said he was very upset for being turned away because he specifically came to attend the event, with the aim of recruiting students to work with his company.

“I work for a distribution company that does work for short films. I wanted to attend this event because I was hoping to find talent tonight,” Zalez said.

Michiko Ito, CTVA major, assisted with the camera work done on the short film “Carousel.” “Carousel” is a short film about couples with different cultural backgrounds who meet at a carnival.

“I spent a lot of time working on the film,” she said.

Ito said that even though she was unable to attend the venue for the night she still appreciates that education and the experience that working on the film and the CTVA department has provided.