Don’t hesitate to go ‘green’

Julio Alberto Cruz

If you don’t like the terms going “green,” eco-friendly, environmentally-friendly, earth-friendly or any other way you spin it, it’s simply judt about taking care of the environment and ourselves.

Don't be the reason trees like this one could be cut or even extinct, especially how things are going. Photo credit: Julio Alberto Cruz

It’s not about money, even though the rest of the world is.

Because of this frugal and money-savvy mentality, many are against the movement of organic-made products and environmental-friendly ways. It cost more money to be green and save green. But this should be a way of life and not an activist fight.

From experience, many have been and continue to be against many progressive practices.

Why? I have no idea.

Why be against using less of plastic bags?

Why be against using alternate vehicles due to the increase of gas prices or cycling around the city more often?

Why be against going organic?

Why be against using less to no plastic water bottles?


Why be against Fair Trade?

But my question is, why knock it if you haven’t tried it? Then you can say your feelings and opinions.

You don’t know you might just like it and you it’s beneficial because that’s what it should be all about – for the greater good.

Yes, change for many isn’t the best thing to do but trying sounds much better.

Remember, you can’t never fight for the “good” about our Mother Earth.

Good day, Matadors!

“Always and never are two words you should always remember never to use”

– Wendell Johnson