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Options for relaxing during Stress Awareness month

With April officially being national Stress Awareness Month, preparing for the Spring 2012 finals seems almost ironic for the of students CSUN.

     Mastering the fine arts of scheduling, money management and learning when to relax will be a skill most freshman will need to have in order to survive the weeks and exams ahead.

    In a campus wide poll of 60 students, the following five places located within or around the CSUN campus were voted as the most relaxing for students and their wallets.

    Visiting one or more of these locations can potentially take away that nervous lump in one’s throat right before finals.


Lum Ka Naad

    Serving Thai food, Lum Ka Naad is a 5-minute walk from CSUN on Reseda Avenue, before passing Rayen St. Ruby red walls and wooden furniture decorate the restaurant, helping it achieve a chic, enclosed look.

     With soft lighting and low traffic that allows students to hear the crisp sounds of beef and fried rice cooking in the kitchen, its atmosphere isn’t the only thing easy on the senses.

     Plates like Angel Wings (fried chicken stuffed with ground chicken) and Spicy Thai Basil Beef form a solid portion of the menu items that are below $9.


“ExerCircuit” Course

    Located near Redwood Hall on Plummer and Lindley, this outdoor exercise course has turned into a quick favorite for Melissa Chavez, a 19-year-old freshman communications major.

     “It’s closer and a lot more fun for me than going to the SRC,” said Chavez. “Also, it’s easier for me to work out in a place outdoors that isn’t as crowded.”

    Covered in the Feb. 1st issue of the Daily Sundial, the course has more than 15 different stations, each section is meant to flow to the next and encourage students to finish the course without difficulty.


Tutti Frutti Frozen Yogurt

    Within walking distance of CSUN, this yogurt store offers numerous flavors that have two major things in common: They are derived from soy and easy on the wallet.

     “I usually come here at night from my dorm,” said Juan Oliva, 21-year-old undeclared freshman. “It’s cheap, (and) I get to eat cheesecake with yogurt while listening to music outside. What’s not to like?”

    To Oliva, the best spots are at the front tables of the yogurt shop, although they are usually filled by locals and students.

Tutti Frutti offers a relaxing area to study or gaze at the Northridge night sky.

Emle’s Restuarant

    Serving breakfast and lunch until 4 p.m., and located on Reseda Avenue, students living near or on campus have usually heard of this cafe.

    “I found out about the this place last month,” said Erika Baron, a 23-year-old biopsychology major. “There are weeks where I might come here two or three times for dinner or breakfast. And the waffles are so good.”

     A significant portion of the plates are below $10, and waiting time for a table is nonexistent, according to Baron.


CSUN Orange Grove and Pond Project

    A reoccurring answer during the survey, the grove and pond are located in the southeast corner of the university. With over 400 orange trees, koi fish, red eared slider turtles and a scenic 240-foot long stream snaking throughout the area, the grove’s hardly empty. Whether one is looking to meditate, converse or reflect after a final, the orange grove is there to serve the students of CSUN free of charge.

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