Follow Your Heart cafe and marketplace

Irene Nesbitt

“May Peace Prevail on Earth.” Oh how warm I feel inside when I think about Follow Your Heart, a small vegan marketplace and restaurant, located in Canoga Park. With vast amounts of spiritual zen books, a peaceful motto like that, and decorated wooden walls reminiscent of the ’70s, wouldn’t you too?

Follow Your Heart is definitely one of the best stores of its type around and I recommend anyone from vegans to carnivores to try it out. The market may be small but it offers a wide selection of natural food products, snacks, supplements, books, gifts, and healthcare products. The store itself is well-stocked with everything organic you would ever want, no chemicals, no pesticides, or processed foods.

I was surprised by how much great stuff they had! The shop section has fresh organic fruits,  juices, vegetables, and great frozen food options as well.

I bought some of their coconut bath oils, which instantly relaxed me when I smelled them. While browsing the aisles I also noticed a diverse selection of homeopathic medicines available for customers to choose from.

My only gripe is that their jewelry is overpriced.

In the back of the shop, customers can be seated to enjoy a full-service dining experience complete with a multitude of vegetarian menu offerings—finished off with yummy tapioca desserts, if you wish. FYH has a tasty vegan menu available as well, perfect to try after this weekend’s Earth Day festivities.

The restaurant serves vegetarian breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and the food is very affordable!  I am not a vegetarian but I enjoyed all the food I selected. I was able to get a large organic non-dairy banana/apple smoothie for $4.50.

Once you are done eating, customers have to pay up front at the register. Their sandwiches are delicious and are worth, a meat-eater like myself, stepping into a vegetarian-based store. Their restaurant food tastes very good, particularly the “Follow Your Heart Burger.” They bake their fries (as opposed to frying), which is always a plus.

The cafe has indoor and outdoor seating available so customers can eat at the counter, tables, or out front on the patio. All of the employees were very polite and helpful.

Follow Your Heart is the perfect spot to celebrate Earth Day and to try something new.